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Poundswick Chronicle

Chronicle documents the milestones in Poundswick's history from its inception in the confident and optimistic days of the 1950s to its metamorphosis into Parklands in 1999. I've also included a few relevant images that I hope will bring back some memories. If you feel that there are other significant events that should be included in this section please e-mail details to me.

Early 1950s
Manchester Education Committee decided that a new County Grammar School was needed to help accommodate Wythenshawe's post-war "baby boomer" population. The Poundswick site was chosen and Messrs G. and J. Seddon of Little Hulton, near Bolton, Lancs were awarded the building contract.

Building work started.

The school was completed at a final cost of 249,000.

Poundswick Grammar School under construction - 1955.

August 1956
Poundswick opened its doors to its first intake of students. It was Manchester's first co-educational Grammar School. Poundswick's first headmaster was Mr. Albert Gilpin.

Mr. Albert Gilpin, M.B.E., B.A.
Headmaster of Poundswick Grammar School


June 1957
The school was officially opened by the Very Rev. H. A. Jones, Dean of Manchester. Click Here to see the programme for the opening ceremony.


The sign on the front lawn. 1956-67.

Invitation to the official opening of the school
26th June 1957.

July 1963
Poundswick's first sixth-formers left the school for pastures new.

Manchester Education Committee made the decision to adopt comprehensive secondary education. There was much gloom amongst parents, students and staff. Reassurance was given by the Education Committee that all students who had entered Poundswick as a Grammar School would receive a Grammar School education.

Poundswick Grammar School became Poundswick High School (Upper School). Oldwood Secondary School on Portway became the Lower School.

December 1972
Mr. A. Gilpin died.
Mrs. Joan Leighton (ex-LEA Inspectorate) took over as Headmistress.

Poundswick High School (Lower School), formerly Oldwood Secondary School.

The final year of Grammar School intake left the sixth form.

All Manchester's High Schools except Burnage, Whalley Range and Parrs Wood lost their sixth forms (Poundswickians due to enter the upper sixth in September 1982 remained at the school, and so Poundswick's sixth form did not actually disappear until the summer of 1983). Sixth-form colleges were set up in converted High Schools. All High School teaching staff had to re-apply for their jobs. Approximately half Poundswick's staff left and were replaced by others.

Mr. Keith Halstead (ex-Ducie High School) took over as Headmaster.

A major dispute closed the school for a term when the LEA refused to back staff and governors in expelling students responsible for obscene graffiti.

Mr. John Corcoran took over as Headmaster.

The Lower School (formerly Oldwood Secondary) was closed and its students moved to the Poundswick site. Oldwood was subsequently demolished, as was Oldwood Primary School on Plowden Road.

Late 1990s
A major new extension was constructed at the back and eastern end of the school. This project sadly resulted in the demolition of the statue and pool which had been such unique features of Poundswick.


The site of Oldwood Secondary School today.


Rear view of the school - 2001.
Gymnasium block on the right.

Summer 1999
Poundswick High School and South Manchester High School were closed. South Manchester's students moved to the Poundswick site. The new, combined school was re-named Parklands High School.

South Manchester High School (formerly Brownley Green Secondary) - boarded up, forlorn and abandoned - March 2001.

South Manchester High School was demolished during the summer of 2001.
Click here for photographs.
Summer 2000
The familiar maroon-and-blue glass frontage of the school was replaced with new, very smart, blue and grey cladding.



Parklands High School - March 2001.

Mr. Michael H. Buczynski,
Headteacher of Parklands High School, 1999 - 2005.
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