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Images is a collection of photographs, some old, some taken on a visit to Parklands in 2001, which I hope you will find interesting. If you have any photos which you think would be of general interest to other Old Poundswickians, please send them on. I will be very happy to include them.




Two views from Leybrook Road - 1965 - and




Two rear views taken in 1967.


Enjoying the summer sun, sixties syle.

A similar view in 2001 from the I.T. Block


Maroon and blue; what did it mean to you?


Above: Two views from the Greenwood Road entrance. Left: 1967 (note the vintage cars!). The single-storey building in the foreground was the Woodwork Shop. Right: 2001.

Below: Two more views from the 1960s. Left: The Lower School at Oldwood.
Right: The Gymnasium stairs in their "glass box" with the Metalwork Shop lower right.


Manchester Central Library

Manchester Central Library


Left: The upper Gym and the Hall. Right: A view of the Maths and English Block - 2001.


Two views that didn't change much over the years. Left: The Headmaster's and Secretary's offices. Right: A view of the Main Hall from the stage.  Taken in 2001.





Two views of Kinsey's Cottage - 1967

A general view of the school from the west, taken in 1957. (m66295)
The entrance hall.
Note the original stacking tables.

Two more views from 1967.

In the early sixties Mr. W. H. Nicholson ran a very popular after-school Photographic Society. He used to get his junior members to start by making a pinhole camera. Here's the result - taken by Wendy Peel with her camera in 1960.
The camera had no lenses - it was just a cardboard box with a pinhole in one edge and a strip of film taped inside the opposite one!