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Contributors to this site are listed below. My policy is not to publish contributors' e-mail addresses unless you specifically ask me to. If you would like me to include yours, please let me know.

Paul Riley:  1964-71

Anthony Edwards: 1970-75

Glenys Chalmers:  1957-62

Sue Moore (m King):  staff, 1975-76

Peter Shuttleworth:  1956-63

Valerie Cowan (m Heald):  1959-65

Robert Dick:  1965-70

Alan Field:  1960-66

Andy Turner:  1981-86

Mike Chapman:  1971-74

Stuart Yearsley:  1957-62

Steven Cussell:  1976-84

Rob Edwards: 1958-63

Colin Law: 1960-65

Rosemarie Robinson (m Leonard):  1961-68

Miss J. Williams (m Wilson):  staff, 1960-72

Linda Duty (m Fishwick): 1967-74

Peter Massey: 1958-65

Peter Firth: 1957-65

Diane Howard (m Bartram): 1963-70 

Marlene Houghton (m Keating): 1958-63

Myra Margerison (m Sri): 1956-62

Susan Parr (m Asbee): 1963-68

Robert Senior: 1956-63

Marie Simons (m Marrinan): 1979-85

Tony Kennedy: St. Paul's Secondary School, Newall Green, 1960s

Caroline Wheeldon: 1990-96

Roz Cawley (www.autumncottage.co.uk)

Stella Farrow: 1956-61

Diane Neville: 1972-78

Jackie Ferguson (m Bulger): 1984-89

David Copeland: Parklands, 2002

Mike Lee: 1997-99

Simon Pickering: 1958-65

Mr. D. Arnold: staff, 1964-83

Toby Fast: 1959-66

Colin Waite: 1958-65.

Josephine Callan (m Kreibich): staff, 1957-59

Derek Hall: 1958-65

Paul Kenneth: 1956-61

John Tomlinson: 1976-83

Mr. J. Griffiths: staff, 1981-99

Dave Millett: 1957-64

Norman Ford: 1957-64

Dave Hamman: 1964-71

Lisa Eldridge: 1988-93

Andy Galloway: 1980-85

John and Linda McKenna, John: 1965-72, Linda (nee Greenwood): 1956-63

John Aikin: 1962-65.

Shirley Jones (m Lowe): 1977-83

Mike Tomlinson: 1960-67

Erika Freeman (m Christensen): 1986-88

Michele Dudley (m Millar): 1958-65

Mr. F. P. Welton: staff, 1956-65

Bill Cronshaw: 1960-67

David Cunningham: 1984-89

Martin Smith: 1958-65.

Ken Holt: 1962-69

Sue Roberts (m Tracey): 1969-76

Herr Rudolf Heise: staff, 1985-86

Kevin Connor: 1967-72

Mike Craig: 1978-83

Elaine Allen (m Wilford): 1960-67

Liz Hutchinson (m Bourke): 1960-67

Andrew Holden: South Wythenshawe High School, 1972-77

Mr. M. F. Russell: staff, 1960-72

Miss P. Shephard: staff, 1957-59. later Mrs. P. Thorley: staff, 1972-76

Steve and Wendy Berry, Steve: 1957-64, Wendy (nee Peel): 1957-62

Mr. T. Owen: staff, 1958-72

Helen Williams (m Conibear): 1956-61

Susan Sykes: 1956-61

Margaret Steele (m Mayor): 1963-70

Paul Adu: 1971-76

Karen Blower: 1970-75

Dave Keefe: 1971-79

Gary Boswell: 1978-83

Ron Smith: 1965-69

Stephen Silcock: 1964-70

Geraldine Black: 1960-67

Martin Pickles: 1963-70

Floyd Adu: 1970-75.  

Dave Kennerley: 1959-66

Ian Bantham: 1976-82

Stuart Cookson-Smith: 1974-79

Jordan Miller: Parklands, 2000

Jennifer Stevenson: 1981-86

Anne Pygott: 1957-62

Steve Hamilton: 1965-69

Dave ("Taffy") Evans: 1956-63.  

Gary Potter: 1974-79

Paul Jones: 1981-86

Simon Wooding: 1978-83

Carole Broadbent (m Tanaka): 1961-66

Mr. W. H. Nicholson: staff, 1957-82

Phil Hadley: 1982-87

Gordon Marino: 1966-73

Carol Allsobrook (m Robinson): 1969-74

Tony Jawando: 1958-65.

Janet Brownsell (m Gibson): 1970-77

Terry Crewe: 1970-75

Gillian Russell (m Smethurst): 1957-62

Julie Cunninghan (m Dennison): 1979-84

George Hamilton: 1961-66

Tina Carter (m Daniels): 1979-84

Lesley Rimmer (m Hoar): 1956-63.  

David Lane: 1966-71

Linda Struggles (m Anderson): 1956-63

Dennis Preston: 1963-70

Mr. A. Simpson: staff, 1973-2003

Doug Malone: 1963-70

Mike Pearce: 1982-87.

Alan and Pauline Coates, Alan: 1960-67, Pauline (nee Burn): 1962-69.

Alan Maudsley: 1968-70.

Ken Mercer, Joiner: worked for G. & J. Seddon and helped to build the school!

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Midi Sequence: "Woodlands" Brian Ames, arranged by John H. Carter.

This site was compiled and is managed by Jim Cook, a pupil at Poundswick from 1957 to 1965: 1Y, 2X, 3L, 4A, 5A, LVIP, UVIB, VI(3).  Contact me.
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