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Contacting the Poundswick Website

I'm always pleased to hear from Old Poundswickians so feel free to e-mail me.
My address is:


and I would ask you to include the word 'Poundswick' in the subject line of the
e-mail to help me distinguish it from junk.

If you've got something to contribute to the site, that's even better.  Useful items include photographs, old programmes (e.g. of sporting, dramatic society or musical events), certificates, school magazines, in fact anything positively identifiable with the Poundswick era.  We're particularly short of material from the later years (80s and 90s) but please send whatever you've got!  Items are best scanned and sent as reasonable quality jpegs but remember that the result won't be bigger than 800 pixels wide so don't scan at such high definition that it would look good on the side of a bus.  Composite material (e.g. an article written as a Word document with inserted photos) is a bit of a nightmare; it's much better to send just the words in Word with the photos as separate jpegs and to let me juggle with the layout and image sizes.

Please try to avoid sending fuzzy prints of "me and Bill Smith" unless you're doing something at least moderately astonishing such as climbing the last few inches of the statue or abseiling down the side of the gym block.  Material needs to be of fairly general interest.  Official (or unofficial!) Form photos are always welcome - if you can remember at least some of the names!  A tip here for parents: always write the names on the back of your kids' class photos; thirty years hence neither they nor you will remember them!

Even if all your Poundswick stuff went in the bin 40 years ago, you can still contribute to the site by sending a few lines for the "Your Memories" page; lots of other people have!

Finally a few words about me.  I'm Jim Cook and I was at Poundswick from 1957 until 1965.  Here's a photo taken towards the end of that time; I confess to looking a trifle more mature now!

I started the Poundswick website in 2001 with a few pages of my own memories adorned with a few photos and the odd Poundswick artefact that had survived the intervening years.  It wasn't long before Old Poundswickians the world over started sending stuff and the result is what you see today.  If you can add to it, let's hear from you!

Best Wishes,                                               Jim.