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The bulldozers go in!

By 25th October 2010 very serious demolition was in progress.  I managed to arrange a final (and closely supervised) look round.  This was to be the last occasion on which any Old Poundswickian would set foot on the site; from then on it was strictly demolition workers only.

From Simonsway.  The Science Block is mostly rubble . . . .

. . . . thanks to machines like this one.

The main entrance.  Hutch would have a job parking his car here now.

The first floor corridor looking towards the Library and the top of the 'Staff Only' staircase.

The back of the main block (photo taken from the 'new' teaching block).  Plasterboard, ceiling materials and all manner of rubbish have been thrown out onto the garden.

The back of the main block again, with the main hall on the right.

Yes, it's the gym block

The gym block again, with the old woodwork / metalwork shops on the right.  Note the windows in the old shower rooms.  These were converted into classrooms when it was decided that children no longer needed physical exercise.

Demolition of the dining hall extension, with the original dining hall behind it.  The as-yet undamaged room at first floor level is the Library.

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I would like to thank Joanna Gray of Balfour Beatty for accompanying me on this visit, and also for kindly arranging a tour of the M.E.A.