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Where are you now?

I have put up this page by request; I hope it will help Old Poundswickians to contact lost friends. If there's someone you would like to contact from your days at Poundswick, let me know and I will post details on this page together with your e-mail address in the hope that they will contact you. Please let me know if you are successful!

Taffy Evans (1956-63) is trying to remake contact with Janice Lindsay
(1961-66), brother of the late Dave Lindsay (1956-61). Janice wrote to Taffy to inform him of her brother's death and he wrote her telephone number on a piece of paper which was subsequently eaten by the dog! Janice used to live on Hurst Walk, Woodhouse Park and then moved with her parents and brother to Eccles. Taffy thinks that she still lives in the Eccles area. Does anyone know where? Taffy is contactable at

Margaret Steele (1963-70) is trying to locate Diane Howard, who was in her year. If anyone knows Diane's whereabouts please contact Margaret at . . . . . .
Well, here's one that actually worked!  On 7th February 2009 I was sent this photo by Margaret:

It shows Diane (left) and Margaret on their first meeting since they left Poundswick in 1970.  The location is Harlow Park Gardens at Harrogate, Yorkshire.  Margaret says: 'Thanks for your help in getting us back in touch with each other.  Lots more meetings are on the cards; there's a lot of catching up to do!'  
Well, it's warming to know that my modest efforts have helped to get two Poundswickians back together after 39 years!

Stuart McLean, an ex-pupil of Moseley Hall Grammar School, is organising a reunion for ex-pupils and staff. He would like to contact Mr. Keith Halstead, who was a teacher at Moseley Hall during the period covered by the reunion. Mr. Halstead was, of course, Poundswick's Headmaster from 1982-88. Does anyone know where he is?
Stuart can be contacted at