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Staff Photographs

I have managed to extract some single staff photographs from various photos that have been sent in. If you can add any to this collection, please get in touch. Photos of staff from the later years would be particularly appreciated!

Miss G. M. Champness

Mr. A. Gilpin, M.B.E.

Mr. W. J. Hutchinson
("Mr. Poundswick")

Mr. G. D. Doherty

Mr. T. Owen

Mr. R. Fanner


Mr. J. F. Scarth

Miss P. Bolsover

Mr. F. Mitchell


Mr. A. J. Stansfield

Mr. F. P. Welton

Mr. J. McLoughlin


Mrs. Betts

Miss N. Clarkson


Mrs. J. M. Fisher

Mrs. B. Wetton



Mr. W. H. Nicholson

Mr. F. Herbert

Mr. G. Evans


Miss P. Dudley

Miss P. Shephard
later Mrs. P. Thorley

Mr. J. Platts


Miss A. Hawkswood

Mr. M. O'Brien

Miss J. Callan
(later, Mrs. J. Kreibich)


Mrs. Gregson

Mrs. Stewart

Mrs. B. Powell


Mrs. K. Fleming

Mrs. G. B. Owen

Mrs. J. Ward


Mr. R. Wilson

Mr. H. Freeman

Miss J. Williams


Mr. J. R. Fisher

Miss D. M. Kendal

Mr. D. E. Sparks


Miss O. Wainwright

Mr. M. F. Russell

Mr. K. Moorby


Mr. T. J. Robertson

Mr. C. P. Blackburn

Mr. R. M. Smith


Mr. W. J. Grimes

Mr. M. Brown

Miss M. P. Linton


Mrs. V. Steadman

Mr. A. K. Butterworth

Mr. D. G. Lewis


Mr. L. Wilson

Miss S. Nolan

Mr. R. G. Owen


Mr. S. L. Gray

Mrs. J. Stone

Mrs. N. Lowe


Mr. F. Smith

Mr. D. Blackwell

Mr. A. Crossley


Miss Jones

Mrs. N. Dewhirst

Mr. N. Parry


Mr. G. Scargill

Miss S. Williams

Miss M. E. Bryce


Miss A. Preston
later Mrs. A. Gagan

Mr. G. A. Cox

Miss J. Mountain


Miss R. Hemp

Miss A. H. Baddeley

Mlle. D. Pingat
(French Assistante)


Snr. G. Mora
(Spanish Assistant)

Mr. I. Collins

Mr. A. Corwood


Mr. M. Ryder

Mr. R. Rigby

Mr. J. Gilligan


Mr. A. Simpson

Mr. R. Hole

Mr. K. Hamnett


Mrs. J. Hole

Mr. M. A. Murray

Mr. A. Jackson


Mr. R. Jackson

Mr. R. Chick

Mr. M. Venet


Mrs. C. Mulligan

Mr. N. Cretney

Mrs. S. Walton


Mrs. J. Hudson

Many of these portraits were extracted from the long "panoramic" photographs of the whole school. I have electronic copies of these for the years 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1965.  Unless you can produce evidence to the contrary, I don't believe that any later panoramic photos were ever taken.  Linda Fishwick (1967-74) tells us that in her time individual photos were taken in the first year and again at about age 15 before pupils left the school.  She asserts that no Form photographs were taken during her time at Poundswick and, indeed, our collection of official Form photos contains none from that period.  Fortunately, official Form photographs were re-introduced from about 1974 but we are very short of material from the later years (particularly the 80s and 90s).  If you can help to fill this huge hole, please contact me!