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Under 14s Rugby XV - 1967

Far left: Unknown Poundswick Team supporter.
Back Row: Macca McDonald, Raschad Constantini, Dave "Tiny" Walton, Paul Ladley,
Pete Saxton, Clifford Woodward, Joe Castile, Paul Waite.
Front Row: Eddie Turnbull, Harold White, Paul Harrison, Tony Pickford, Ian Hunter,
Dave Measures, Ron Smith, Paul Mallileau.

This photo was taken at St. Bedes at Halebarns in the Autumn of 1967; it shows the famous team that never lost a match in its whole season.
Two of the players, Macca McDonald and Tiny Walton, were actually pupils at Oldwood Secondary, but as this school was about to be amalgamated with Poundswick, it was felt that they were eligible to be part of the Poundswick team.
Tony Pickford particularly remembers Dave Measures playing on the wing: "Dave's out-of-school hobby was velodrome cycling and he was extremely fit - we'd get the ball out to him and he'd go off like a scalded cat!"

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