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The plan to redevelop the Simonsway / Poundswick Lane junction.

Here are the plans, published by Manchester City Council, for the first stage of the redevelopment of the Simonsway / Poundswick Lane junction. I found this plan, waterlogged and muddy, in the gutter on Poundswick Lane. It had evidently been displayed, not very securely, for public view but the ravages of weather and local hooligans had reduced it to litter. I therefore felt that, rather than let it rot away, it would be more appropriate to put it on the web so that the world can see what the bureaucrats have in store for our ancient hamlet.

I took some photographs of the junction in February 2002 and I will keep taking them as the proposed "redevelopment" unfolds. Visitors to this website will be thus able to make up their own minds whether the "redevelopment" represents progress or despoliation. Here they are:

From the southern side of Simonsway.


From the Forum Centre car park.


The verges on Poundswick Lane.

Looking down Poundswick Lane
towards the roundabout.

The photo on the right was taken in June 2003 from almost exactly the same place on Poundswick Lane as the photo above it. The entire roundabout, all the treed verges (photo above) and most of the Forum Centre car park have been enclosed by contractors fences to conceal the devastation being wrought within.

Here's what you see when you poke your head above the enclosure. This used to be the roundabout. Standby to mix concrete. The Local Authority, who casually removed the only remaining Poundswick Lane sign many months ago have already erected in its place an arrowed sign pointing to the as-yet-unstarted Police Station. Dumb or what?

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