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Playboy of the Western World

A play by J. M. Synge performed on the 3rd, 4th and 5th April 1963 by the Staff Dramatic Society. It was produced by Mr. C. P. Blackburn whose programme notes are reproduced below:

"Playboy of the Western World" was first performed in 1907 at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. The early audiences protested violently and there were angry and even riotous scenes. The Irish were upset at what they supposed was Synge's condemnation of them for having their values mixed. The play went on, however, as any beautifully constructed play which is full of fine poetry always will. Now that the protests have all died away, today's audiences are able to rejoice in its language and its humour; and they can see that its characters do have a purity of feeling which is refreshing, springing from their hearts and not from mere convention. We trust that your reaction will be that of the latter audiences rather than that of the early ones.