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Poundswick Junior School - senior class 1984

Back Row: Lee Williams, ? , ? , Paul Heavicon, Karl ?, Peter Watson, David Wakefield.
Upper Middle Row: Clint Drummond, Karl Smith, Jane Whittiker, Marie Starr,
Laura Young, Richard Bone, Ian Salt.
Lower Middle Row: Elaine Peak, Jackie Ferguson, Andrea ?, Emma-Jane Jones,
Joanne Mellor, Claire ?, Louise Booth.
Front Row: James Mellor, Stuart McGinney, ? , Wayne Hardwick.

(Well, having already put up a photo of Haveley Hey Juniors, I could hardly refuse this one, could I? Note particularly a few pupils wearing the "official" Poundswick Junior School
T-shirt. Does anyone still have one? It would be nice to include a photo)

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