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Haveley Hey Junior class 4 - 1956/57

I can hear you asking why have we got a photo of Haveley Hey Junior on the Poundswick website? I have no excuse to offer other than pure editorial self-indulgence. But it's a lovely photo and many of the people in it (the names in bold type) went on to become Poundswickians within a few months of it being taken. Are they reason enough? I hope so.

Back Row: Peter Forshaw, Ron Hyde, Susan McKnight, Margaret Hadfield, Elaine Hesford, Janet Byford, Susan Heath, Wendy Peel, Linda Norman, Dorothy Clifford, Peter Wade, John Myers .
Rear Middle Row: Anthony Dawkins, Dave Coulson, Kenneth Ollerhead, ? , Jim Cook, Ronald Schofield, Raymond Fletcher, Michael Clarke, John Hughes, Dave Morris,
Barry Davis, Eric Lee, Gregg Bonnar.
Front Middle Row: ? , Pauline Bolshaw, Susan Birtles, Pat Dillon, Veronica Kenny,
Susan Waterton
, Jean(ette?) Stott, Eileen Ollerhead, Dorothy Graham, Lesley ? .
Front Row: Jimmy Parlane, Derek Bates, John Howard, Jimmy Lee, Billy Corser,
Gerald Whitehead, Steve Berry, George Ainsworth, Bill Greenough, Paul Burgess.

I am indebted to Steve Berry, Wendy Peel, Linda Norman and Peter Wade for their remarkable achievement in coming up with so many names forty-five years after the event.

Well, having put up one Haveley Hey photo it seems like a good excuse for putting up another. This one's also from 1957 and it shows the Relay running team with their coaches, Messrs Evans and Chantler; two of Haveley Hey's more memorable teachers!

Back Row: ? , Linda Norman.
Front Row: Dorothy Clifford, Mr. F. Evans, Susan McKnight, Mr. P. Chantler, Veronica Kenny.


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