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The Imaginary Invalid

A comedy by Moliere performed on May 13th, 14th and 15th 1965. The play was produced by Mr. T. Owen and an extract from his programme notes is reproduced below:

The boundary between real and imaginary illness is never clear-cut and most of us have, at some time, imagined that we had maladies that in fact we had not. Moliere believed at one time that he was suffering from a chest complaint. His fears proved groundless and his shrewd ability to observe and write about human foibles enabled him to write a play in which he identified himself with the principal character, Argan, a hypochondriac. The play takes yet a few more swipes at the medical profession (a familiar target for Moliere) and the situations, but not we hope, the methods, are just as pertinent today.

It is ironic to note that Moliere died in 1673 just after giving his fourth performance as Argan in this, his last, play.


A critique of the play, written by Mr. G. Scargill, was published in the March 1966 edition of ARGO, along with a couple of photographs. I have reproduced them below: