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Lower Sixth Form - 1961/62

Back Row: Linda Struggles, Shona Brown, Isabel Merrin, Judith Dunkerley, Libby Jones, ? , Janet Ainsworth,
Pauline Hall, Susan Allen, Angela Smethurst, Jean Blakeley, Ann Mansfield, Pat Baker, 
Margaret Cuthbert, Kaye MacPherson, Susan Kilbeg, Clare Brown.
Rear Middle Row: Jean Ambrose, Julie Aspinwall, Diane Griffiths, David McKendrick, John Hewitt, 
Peter Smith, Tony Mann, Joseph Williams, Ivan Farrow, Peter Wild, Ian Biddick, Peter Shuttleworth, 
Colin Brown, Lesley Rimmer, Christine Williams, Gladys Kallenberg, ? .
Front Middle Row: Dorothy Robinson, Valerie Ford, Beryl Davies, Pat Sinan, Gwynedd Wright, Joyce Livingstone, 
Mr. T. Owen, Mr. A. Gilpin
M.B.E., Mr. J. R. Fisher, Mr. G. D. Doherty, ? , 
Irene Wilkinson, Pat Hopkinson, Lynn Stanton, Joyce Roach.
Front Row: David Dunn, David Akka, Rodney Smith, Roger Finn, David Parr, Glyn Ambler, David Evans,
Terry Moss, ? , Robert Senior.

This photograph must have been taken in Autumn 1961 or Spring 1962; note that some of the girls are wearing the winter uniform of plain blue blouse and maroon skirt and others the summer "blobby" dress.

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