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Poundswick Staff -1959

There are twenty-five people in this photograph, twenty-six with Frank Mitchell. Twenty-six people who share the accolade of making Poundswick the great school that it was. To be fair, a number of equally talented staff came later, but by 1959 these twenty-six had done the donkey work and stamped their mark on the place, never to be forgotten.

Back Row: Shirley Nolan, Bill Nicholson, Pat Bolsover, Ray Fanner, Fred Herbert,
Robert Wilson, Norma Clarkson, William Grimes, Kay Fleming.
Middle Row: Percy Welton, Gareth Evans, Olive Wainwright, Trevor Owen, John Platts,
Ann Hawkswood, Keith Moorby, Pat Shephard, Alan Stansfield.
Front Row: Jennifer Fisher, John Scarth, Margaret Champness, Albert Gilpin M.B.E.,
Bill Hutchinson, Pauline Dudley, Geoff Doherty.
Absent from photo: Frank Mitchell.

I hope staff in this photograph will forgive me for using Christian names; this is a liberty which I have not taken elsewhere on the site.

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