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Form 3D - 1981/82

Back Row: Raymond Eastham, Graham Fitchett, Neil Bennett, "Titch", John Benn.
Rear Middle Row: Gordon Botham, John Bennett, Leroy Pedlow, Brian Barker,
Phil Clark (missing), Steve Keating.
Front Middle Row: Hilary Burns, Susan Bottomley, Karen Rigby, Dawn Robinson,
Margaret Kane, ? , Jayne Marsh, Lorraine ?
Front Row: Debbie Shaw, Tina Carter, Donna Tirrall, Stephanie Ramsey, Mr. Garvey,
Janice Letters, Tansey Creighton, Lisa Westwood, Sharon McCarthey.

You will have noticed that poor Phil Clark has been expunged from this photo. Tina Carter, who sent it in, tells us how this came about. Her friend, Stephanie Ramsey, fancied Phil but Stephanie left school shortly after the photo was taken and her mum didn't buy a copy of it. So Tina cut out Phil from her copy and gave it to Stephanie as a leaving present. Tina says "it seemed like a good idea at the time"; and why not! Sorry Phil, that's the price of being popular!

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