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Form 2X - 1962/63

Back Row: Michael Satterthwaite, Tony Atta, Geoffrey Cadwallader, Stephen Comley-Excell, John Hobin, George Hamilton, John Leicester, Peter Hurst, "Nosey" Parker.
Middle Row: Stephen Russell, David Thompson, John Trelfa, Joyce Kennedy, Elaine Patchett, Moira Boughton, Gerda Small, Michael Stewart, William Oldham, Ian Woodhouse.
Front Row: Susan Shelmerdine, Susan Shaw, Carole Broadbent, Susan Pearson,
Mr. T. J. Robertson
, Susan Helsby, Jennifer Metcalfe, Lorraine Lidguard, Yvonne Welch.

Note the picturesque setting for this photo; with Kinsey's Cottage in the background. Compare this photo with the one on the "Hamlet" page, taken in 1904. Apart from the people, not a lot is different!

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